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January 23, 2017
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January 27, 2017

Watching Edie by Camilla Way

Full disclosure – this book scared the absolute bejesus out of me! I was wandering through Dymocks during the post-xmas sales and the cover caught my eye due to the stamp in the left-hand corner claiming it would be ‘the most unsettling psychological thriller you’ll read this year’. And it will be.

Watching Edie is the tale of a toxic teenage friendship that reignites 16 years after a climatic event that changed the path of two young lives forever. Heather is the shy awkward loner who longs to have a best friend. Edie is the wild child longing for respect and acceptance due to an unhappy childhood. The girls meet prior to the start of the school year and they are both happy. Until they aren’t.

At age 33, Edie finds herself desperate, drowning and suffering from a severe case of post-natal depression. It’s no accident that Heather shows up again when Edie needs her the most.

Heather and Edie alternate in telling the story, with Heather narrating the ‘Before’ chapters and Edie the ‘After’.

This book is terrifying and yet a page turner at the same time. I polished it off in 24 hours (288 pages) because I had to know the event that destroyed the girl’s lives. I think females would be far more affected by this book than males purely due to the subject matter.

While I absolutely loved this book (and if you love thrillers then THIS is your book), I don’t think I could bring myself to read it again. It’s that kind of delicious tale that preys on your mind well after youre finished.

For that reason, it’s not ‘bookcase worthy’….but only because I’m a chicken!!

Grab a copy for yourself here.

Brooke Ciccozzi
Brooke Ciccozzi
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