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Readin' & Watchin'

Hola book/movie/Netflix lovers!

Welcome to Readin’ & Watchin’ – a place where I can share with you the best (or worst) of my latest literary, movie or Netflix consumption. Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest reads/watches and to see if I deem any of my latest reads as ‘bookcase worthy’. Long story short – I have a fancy-pants bookcase in my ‘good room’ and I’m determined to stop hoarding books just for the sake of it. If a book is a crap read….sayonara!

But don’t worry; this is a safe/low-pressure space. My aim is to share my reads and watches monthly, but if life gets in the way, then – c’est la vie! I know you understand.

Ps. Have you always wanted to be in a ridgey-didge book club that meets once a month to chat about a book and drink wine?? Yep, me too but diary logistics and the pressure of what plate of food I need to bring has always killed the idea. However, I have a cunning plan! Technology is marvellous and those little inventions like Facebook groups and Google Hangouts might just make this doable. If you are interested in joining a virtual book club for some friendly discussion, click below to register your interest. If enough people want in, I’d love to make it happen. In the meantime, you’ll get the latest instalment of Readin’ & Watchin’ before it hits social media xx

Readin' - Latest & Greatest

January 23, 2017

The Perfect Girl

Author Kate White is my guru when it comes to thrillers and when Kate shares a list of her thriller lovesI sit up and take notice. Zoe Maisey, a 17-year-old genius and musical prodigy has recently reset her future at her mother Marias orchestration with their second chance family. Three years earlier, Zoe was involved in a tragic accident that left 3 of her classmates dead.

Watchin' - Latest & Greatest

January 27, 2017

Fuller House

I may be a sci-fi nerd, but I’m also a pop culture tragic. I loooooved Full House as a kid and was very excited when Netflix announced they were continuing the Full House franchise with ‘Fuller House’.
January 27, 2017

Designated Survivor

I love an underdog story and Netflix Original Series ‘Designated Survivor’ is certainly that. Tom Kirkman (Keifer Sutherland) is hastily sworn in as President of the United States after an explosion claims the lives of the President and all the members of the cabinet at the State of the Union address.
January 27, 2017


I attended my cousin’s hens night in November 2016 and she was given a life size cut out of Harvey Specter to carry around for the […]
January 27, 2017

Rogue One

With 2 kids under 5, I rarely get a chance to get to a brick and mortar cinema (and partake in an obligatory choc top). However, occasionally the planets align and I manage to see a new release.