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March 31, 2017
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Her Every Fear by Peter Swanson

I always try to buy my books locally from brick & mortar stores (#ichoosesa) but when a book you’ve been hanging out for is available online weeks earlier that here in Adelaide….out came my credit card!

I first came across Peter Swanson last year when the delightful Amanda in Dymocks Rundle Mall recommended his previous book to be – The Kind Worth Killing. I reviewed this book in a blog post – click here if you missed it.

So, how good was this book?? I finished it within a 20 hour period with about 6-7 hours total reading time….I enjoyed it that much.

Her Every Fear is about Kate Priddy. Following a terrifying encounter with her ex-boyfriend, Kate takes the uncharacteristic step of doing an ‘apartment swap’ with her cousin Corbin Dell for 6 months. The two have never met but its agreed that Kate will head to Boston while Corbin will head to London. Simple…or so it would seem.

Kate has barely had a chance to unpack when her new neighbor Audrey Marshall is brutally murdered, and Corbin is the obvious suspect. Suffering from PTSD, Kate can’t work out if her cousin is a cold-blooded killer.

Corbin is running away from his own dark past full of secrets. He had hoped that a stint in London would keep his ‘secret’ girlfriend Audrey safe, but when he is made aware of Audrey’s horrific death Corbin knows he needs to get back to Boston ASAP so Kate doesn’t suffer the same fate.

Swanson’s latest book is clever, well written with a side of slow-burn suspense. Just like his previous book (The Kind Worth Killing), the chapters are written from different characters’ perspectives and this insight is what makes his books such an addictive read.

Bookcase worthy!

Grab a copy for yourself here

Brooke Ciccozzi
Brooke Ciccozzi
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